First Time Registration.

All first time registration should be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Certified copy of national ID, Driver’s License or Passport.
  2. Certified copy of school certificates or other appropriate documentation.
  3. Completed Online or Manual enrollment form.
  4. Proof of payment [direct deposit or internet banking transfer into the Institute bank account. registration fees are paid simultaneously. If such fees are not paid, student will be liable for outstanding fees.

Please note:

If the above mentioned documentation is not supplied together with the enrolment form, the student’s examination enrolment will be put in “suspension” status until such a time as the correct/ sufficient documentation is provided. Notably, this does not warrant a refund if the student paid his/her fees.

Notably, once registration has been accepted, students will be issued with a student number. The student number should be used for all correspondence with the institute.

Online Registration. Enrol Now!

For offline registration, download form here

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