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Most frequent questions and answers

Our Professional Graduate Diploma intends to close the gap between knowledge and practice. Hence, 50% of the final exam mark is constituted by Continuous Assessment through Field-work based and key-competency oriented assignments and the remaining 50% by written exams. By testing the student`s understanding of the subject through assignments the student`s acquired knowledge and experience through practice is continuously utilized and sharpened.

The curriculum for all courses comprises of 3 levels of 6 subjects each,i.e,
Level 1 – (Foundation Level)
Level 2 – (Operational Level)
Level 3 – (Executive Level)
Interestingly, a certificate is obtainable upon completion of each level. All our Professional Graduate Diplomas comprise of eighteen (18) subjects and can be completed between 18 months to three years. It is from the depth and breadth of the subjects that the qualifications derive their strength and relevance from.

Assignments are distributed at the beginning of the semester through our website, collection from the office and/or through our marketing executives on enrolment. Notably, assignments are submitted at exam venues when students come to write exams. This was done for the logistical convenience.

Here is our admission process:
⦁ Completion of the Student Registration Application form. The forms are submitted to the office for vetting.
⦁ Within 24 hours of the completion of the student registration form an acknowledgement text is sent to the prospective student acknowledging the receipt of application forms.
⦁ Seven days after receiving the application forms, the institute will send admission and rejection letters (Except during special campaigns) to the prospective students. (Where the students provide provides email address, the admission letter can be send via email.)

Yes, but we only exempt esteemed and accredited qualifications ONLY. Students who apply for exemptions are encouraged to attach their former institute’s accreditation paper-work.

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FAQ Continued

Most frequent questions and answers

A partial certificate is obtainable upon completion of each level.

Yes. The qualification are accredited, licensed and registered. As such it is easily transferable to other institutions.

Our Professional Graduate Diploma are internationally relevant, competent and accepted. The institute employs a unique but modern way of learning that harnesses and employs the valued experience gained through practice.

Yes. Study Guides for each subject have been carefully prepared by our examiners. They help cover every aspect of our syllabi. Hence, those studying through the independent learning facility will never find learning difficult. They are obtainable in electronic form from the institution and arrangements can be made to obtain them in hard copy at a subsidized fee. Additionally, our study-packs contain E-Library resources that have a variety of additional textbooks.

Enrolment is open all year round. We have two exam sittings annually, which are held in May and November. Registration for May exams closes on the 31st of April whilst registration for November exams closes on the 31st of October each year .

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FAQ Continued

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. One of the institute`s prime mandate is to nurture students and groom them into professionals. One practical, tried and tested strategy is by conducting Examination Focusing Seminars where among other things pre- examination guidance is offered.

These are exciting academic gatherings. Students get to meet with the Institute’s staff, fellow students and seasoned tutors. Students are taught on how to interpret, tackle and answer examination questions. 

For further information kindly refer to the student handbook that will be send to all registered students after the first payment. For general enquiries  Email us on info@cirsm.com, info@mycirsm.org . 

Our students are spoilt oF choice as CIRSM offers an assortment of career paths.  CIRSM students are in demand for their range of skills, knowledge, experience, values, integrity, professional discipline and the willingness to maintain knowledge currency through professional development, click on careers to explore.

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January 2021