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CIRSM is the pinnacle of Risk & Security Management proficiency

'You DREAM of a powerful QUALIFICATION?'

We MAKE IT happen!

Determinations are based on nurturing graduates with an intrinsic blend of key competencies that are aligned with overall organisational objectives that seek to sustain and grow business. Our ripe professionals are exceptionally groomed and cultured to exhibit anticipatory thinking, prioritization, financial literacy, collaboration, critical thinking, multi-cultural competence, communication, emotional intelligence, technological excellence and persuasive influence.

Such multi-faceted professionals are the gems of Risk & Security Management trade.

Our Purpose

Our Vision


To produce leaders in the risk and security industry by providing industry relevant qualifications and effective professionals.

To be a preferable world class Risk and Security Management training institute and Examination Board.

To nurture proficient Risk and Security Professionals.

Culture & Values

We’re Responsible

We uphold Dignity

Excellence is our Mantra